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    Rules and Regulation Empty Rules and Regulation

    Post  Admin[Florence] on Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:21 am

    All decisions made are final.

    1. Rules for User Custom Features in the forum

    Custom Titles / Location / IGN

    Forum users pleased dun give yr password out....:b


    Please keep image(s) to a framesize of 400 x 100 pixels plus a maximum of 5 lines of text at font size 1 or 4 lines at font size 2.

    Forum users are to refrain from using signature image that are larger than 300 kb in total. Large signature size will slow down the loading time of forum pages.

    Please be considerate to others.

    3. Guidelines and Etiquette for Discussion Topics/Posting (All Forums)

    Look out for Announcements and Pinned Topics.

    Post your discussion in the correct section.

    Please post your topic in the correct section.

    Read the short descriptions of each forum section to determine the most appropriate place to start your new thread.

    4. Choose your topic/thread title wisely.

    To allow other forum users to know the forum discussion contains, you are advised to put an appropriate title to your forum topic. If you wish to generate a buzz with your discussion, it is your responsibility to inform other users what your thread is about.

    Read Page 1 or Search before you post.

    Repeated topics can cause frustrations to other users who have limited time. It is annoying to find the same discussion scattered with little or no development in content.

    Before posting the topic,

    - Kindly check if a similar topic exists on the first page of the forum section it belongs to.
    - Use the Search function first before deciding if there is a need to create new threads for discussion.

    Post responsibly. Do not spam.

    Forum users are to keep their post content constructive. Do not make pointless threads or spam. Spam is defined as post(s) that have no relevance to the threads topic, or have no purpose in general.

    Spamming includes the following activities:

    - Blatant advertising
    - Excessive creation of topics and posts in the forums
    - Excessive bumping of threads, be it new or old
    - Excessive creation of new threads with the sole intention to promote another

    One topic/thread for a discussion is enough.

    Posting one discussion thread at the relevant forum section is enough. Do not create multiple topics to advertise the main thread or seek responses for the discussion everywhere. Posting the discussion thread across different forums and subsections in great quantity will be regarded as spamming.

    Refrain from bumping unless necessary.

    Bumping is not encouraged. Please do so sparingly if necessary. Allow at least 30 minutes to pass before the next bump.

    Do not bump (bring-my-post-up) new topics and topics on the first page excessively for the purpose of seeking attention from other forum users.

    Please do not bump old topics. If the newest post-to-be is 2 months old and beyond from the date of the last post, you are advised to create a new thread for discussion.

    When quoting, do it selectively and remove image tags / pictures / video tags.

    Quote only the post which you wish to address and refrain from multi-quoting. If there is a picture or video in the quote, please remove the [IMG] tag / picture / video tag.

    What you need to know on Forum Housekeeping matters.

    Forum housekeeping procedures are required to speed up forum loading speed and prevent server crashes.

    All threads that contain more than 1000 posts will be locked and the users taking part in the discussion are required to either restart a similar thread, or discontinue the discussion.

    However, there will be an exception for Guild and School Discussion Threads whereby the thread will only be locked and moved into the archives once its reaches 2000 posts.

    For Pinned Threads (Forumites'outings, Official Announcements, Events) will be exempted from the >1000/2000 post lock rule.

    Respect the Other Users.

    Please treat others the same way you will want to be treated.

    Opinions are valued and welcome from everyone. Please keep all personal conflicts to yourself and have discussions, not arguments. If you disagree with another member, post your comment calmly so other can understand your point and feelings. Do not insult the intelligence of the other users. If a member gets on your nerves, do not go out of your way to insult them. Last but not least, treat others like how you want to be treated.

    Users are to refrain from flaming, trolling and slandering. Please exercise sound judgment before posting or creating threads that might draw flames from other forum users due to the sensitive contents involved.

    Flaming involves attacking a person or his/her views in a disrespectful manner.
    Trolling involves the posting of flaming content with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response or consistent disrespectful attacks for entertainment.
    Slandering involves falsifying a situation or person in an attempt to defame or insult.

    -THE END- sunny

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